“Direct, physical intervention is necessary to halt the completion of this toxic project,” said one protester. “If just five percent of those people at the People’s Climate March in New York City came to Utah, we could shut down tar sands construction for good–and probably get away with it.”

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I’m reblogging this mostly for the quote in the text above. The “People’s” Climate March was actually an NGO Fundraising march, didn’t accomplish shit, and was never meant to. If you want to do something about climate change you’ll have to do more than walk. 

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The same day that I got pictures of this red fox, I also got this short video. It wasn’t until I saw the video that I was certain that the fox was eating the little green apples that were lying on the ground.

The fox seemed a little skinny. I’m not sure the apples would have been on the diet otherwise.

I was a little surprised that it didn’t seem all that frightened of me. I suspect it is used to Great Swamp visitors intruding on it’s home turf. It seemed to be content to let me take pictures, but when a couple of other people starting taking pictures too it decided enough is enough and skedaddled into the field.

This fox looks perfectly healthy to me! This is only a young fox (around 6 months given the time of year) so it’s normal for them to be on the slender size. Under all that fur foxes are naturally very skinny, but especially so when they’re young and in summer coat like this fellow. 

Also fruit and berries are actually a big part of the fox’s diet at this time of year. Foxes are omnivorous and they absolutely LOVE fruit like apples and may eat little else as they take advantage of it during the short period it’s available.

fox urban wildlife


Unfortunately it turns out the cubs do have mange, and while the other two don’t seem so bad, this cub isn’t doing so well and has a lot of hair-loss and open sores. 

Mange is never nice to see but it’s especially sad in such young foxes. The continued use of old infected dens is probably the reason why manage continues to persist in the foxes at the cemetery. 

fox urban wildlife mange